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How To Live In Abundance

The key to understanding wealth is that you have to change your relationship with money. Obtaining a level of wealth that you’re satisfied with will be as hard as you think it’s going to be.

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Why You Should Quit Your Job.


In 2011, I got selected to compete at the Red Bull BC One Boston Cypher. After that jam I wanted nothing more in life than to win the Red Bull BC One World Final.  

That same year I met a woman and I fell in love. Two kids later, life has been changing fast. I have yet to achieve my dream of winning the World Final, and I’ve been locked down at a full time job where I pretty much lose my sanity day after day!                  

I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life because of my job, you know, the one majority of the people in the world work in order to provide for their families. I’ve always known big companies don’t pay people what they’re worth, but somewhere along the line I became complacent. I made a base salary $41,600 plus commission. In 2017, which was my best year, I transferred to a location where I received $70,000 after guaranteed commission. Sounds pretty good for a guy who spends most of his free time on his head and hands right? But wait! It gets bad! This year, 2018, they had restructured our guaranteed commission. The way the new commission was trending I was on pace for $50,000. That’s $20,000 dollars less in one year for the same amount of work! I was so mad, I took it a step further. I thought that every minute counts! I’m not spending enough time with my family or on my passion to be dealing with this BS, so I did the math:                


$50,000/year divided by 52 weeks in the year = $961.53/week
$961.53/week divided by 40 hours in the work week = $24.03/hour
$24.03/hour divided by 60 minutes in an hour = $0.40/minute.

Forty. Cents. A. Minute. Sounds fucking horrible right? That a minute of my time isn’t even worth half a dollar? What the hell man? I know that my time is worth more than that! I know that the company I worked for didn’t value my time, but what was worse is when I came to the realization that didn’t value my own time. I put myself there. I settled for making a little more than twenty cents a minute (after taxes). I manifested a job for myself that was barely enough to provide for my family, let alone having money to travel and participate in battles/competitions. And the ninja inside of me needs more now, because i know, anything is possible. And so, i start my search to find freedom. I’ve already made the big jump by quitting that job and now I’m going all in. 


We all know that we only have a limited amount of time in this life, so why spend our energy working JUST to survive? We need to stop wasting our time and do the things we truly love. And THAT is why this blog exists. Join me as I grow my personal brand, create passive income streams, live on my own terms, and finally achieve my dream of winning RED BULL BC ONE WORLD FINALS.



To get started, head over to the blog section to learn how to live the Smooth Savage lifestyle.  I hope you find a lot of value in this blog and I also hope that I can inspire you to take back your time so you can live the life you want.


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