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How To Live In Abundance

The key to understanding wealth is that you have to change your relationship with money. Obtaining a level of wealth that you’re satisfied with will be as hard as you think it’s going to be.

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King of What Vol. 2


KING OF WHAT VOL. 2 (2019)
Event #2 for 2019.

For my birthday weekend, me and the team (Journeys of the Fool) mobbed out to the Motor House in Baltimore for DJ Fleg’s “King of What vol. 2” 2v2 jam for $1000. The event was geared towards bringing the “party” vibe back so there was no traditional preliminary round for the competition. Instead, each crew would wear a number and the judges would watch the cyphers and rank your rounds 1-5 points and would choose the 8 crews who scored the highest. It was the same structure as “Red Bull BC One: Boston Cypher 2018” and by no coincidence, two of the judges were Red Bull BC One All Stars: Ronnie (Full Force Crew), Roxrite (Renegades), and the third judge being Toyz (Lionz of Zion)

I signed up with my crew mate Jonny to rep our crew KRAZY 88’s.  Even though we didn’t place, we repped New England hard! (Me being from Boston, Jonny from Maine) Jonny doesn’t know this but when he reads this he’ll probably get mad that I had my sticker hidden for the first half of the preliminaries. I didn’t care too much about the competition going to this event, I just wanted to vibe out and enjoy my weekend. I had gotten arrested after the “Sounds From The Underground” jam in Maine the weekend before so traveling out to an event and repping in the cyphers was the best way for me to de-stress because I love the breaklife. I didn’t feel any need to prove myself or be judged, I just wanted to be at a high level jam with great music. And because Fleg was on the 1’s and 2’s, I got exactly what I wanted. Bonus, the Legendary Skeme Richards was dropping some fire all the way up until the semi final battle!

Even though we didn’t place, I got into a cypher battle with a Canadian BBoy before the preliminaries started. It was a dope exchange and clash of styles.


I definitely gassed out after the battle because I’ve been on the Keto diet for the last two months, testing out it’s effectiveness. PRO TIP: BBoys should not be on keto or a fasted state if you’re planning on competing. Keto is definitely great nutrition plan if your goal is aesthetics or cognitive function, but if you’re an athlete Keto can kill you if you don’t carb up before your event. At one point during the jam my brother Khoa (co-founder of Journeys of the Fool) said that I looked like death. And at one point, I sure felt like it.

Nevertheless, “King of What” is a jam I’ll definitely return to next year where I’ll do some real damage in the brackets. Peace to DJ Fleg, Skeme Richards, and all the people that came out to rep their crews, cities, and scenes.


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