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How To Live In Abundance

The key to understanding wealth is that you have to change your relationship with money. Obtaining a level of wealth that you’re satisfied with will be as hard as you think it’s going to be.

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You Should Invest In Crypto


I run this blog because I got an entrepreneurial spirit with nothing to sell you guys.  I just want to provide value to the world by sharing my lifestyle, beliefs, and strategies in hopes that I can help someone else on this journey called “Life”.  None of the information provided in this article is financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.  This article is meant to be a catalyst for my readers to research more about the digital asset space so you can potentially create life changing wealth for you and your loved ones.  All investing and financial decisions you make are your own and I take no responsibility for the potential gains or losses you experience.  I will never share knowledge that I’m not implementing myself because that just isn’t my style.

Now that the legal shit is out of the way…  Let’s proceed.)


After the crash of 2008, Bitcoin shocked the world as the world’s first digital currency using a proof of work consensus algorithm to reward computers with a digital token called “Bitcoin” on the Bitcoin network for “mining” blocks (digital data) and adding to the blockchain (multiple blocks strung together).
The Bitcoin token was created on the principles of sound money:  A store of value with a finite supply.  There will only be 21 million Bitcoin in existence which are still being mined as you read this article.  This digital commodity that was once valued at only $0.003 is now trading for almost $10,000 at the time of this article.

Now the year is 2020 and there are over 5000 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to choose from.  In my honest opinion there’s only about 27 crypto assets out of the 5000 that will survive and actually see utility in the modern world.  There are many different use cases for these tokens with payments and banking being at the forefront.  The world seems to be in chaos and Central Banks are printing out as much fiat as they need in order to prop up the Global Economy.  This will inevitably cause inflation (fiat currencies will have less buying power).  Because of this people are now looking for alternatives to the traditional financial system.  In comes Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) Technology and their native digital currencies (Crypto Assets)

It’s been over 90 years since the US Dollar became the World Reserve Currency.  Crypto investors such as myself are speculating that the USD has had it’s run and the new Reserve Currency will be a digital currency.  The tokens will move the value across the ledger and its value will be pegged to commodities that the world can agree on like precious metals.  Central banks have been buying up gold and silver by the masses so I wouldn’t be surprised if the world is heading back to a gold standard.  But let’s face it, we’re not going to be using physical gold to complete transactions.  Instead we will trade digital assets backed by gold over the distributed ledgers to finalize transactions in seconds.  That’s right, digital gold.  Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

How to do it.

To get started trading in the digital asset market you can start by signing up for two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the links below.  (These links are referral links so I will earn some crypto for each sign up.  You don’t have to use my links but I am leaving the option out for my readers to support me and the knowledge that I provide without littering this blog with ads)

My favorite exchange is Binance.US
Binance is my favorite crypto exchange because of its low trading fees and ability to set Limit Orders like a traditional market.  With top notch security measures and a wide array of Coins to invest in, Binance has solidified its name as a Leader in the Blockchain space.  If you have prior investing experience this platform should make you feel right at home.  (Trading on Binance.US is not available in all 50 states so make sure your state is eligible before signing up.)

The other exchange I personally use is Coinbase
Coinbase is the only exchange (that I trust and know of) that offers free cryptocurrency just for learning about the different blockchains available on their platform.  To participate in Coinbase Earn as a new user you’ll have to get an invite from an existing member so the Urban Ninja’s got you covered here.  You can also use these links as an existing member who isn’t eligible for Coinbase earn.
Coinbase Earn invite links:
Earn EOS
Earn OXT
Earn XLM


I invest with the intention of seeing my assets grow in order to live an abundant life of freedom and philanthropy.  I consciously choose to share this information because I have complete confidence in my investments and I’d love to know that I helped change people’s financial situations.  What we’re witnessing during this volatile time is the beginning of the greatest transformation of wealth.  There are many crypto projects that I’m bullish on that have real world utility and I’m excited to see this play out.  The beauty of all this is that we’re able to invest at low entry points as we wait for mass adoption by all the people, businesses, and governments of the world.  If you know anything about money you surely understand the concept of supply and demand.  Buy up a nice supply of the right tokens and when demand is needed, price will appreciate.

If you’re reading this article in 2020, you are early.  And just like the dot-com bubble, early adopters of disruptive technologies are the ones who will profit.  In hindsight don’t you wish you could go back in time so you could invest in Apple and Amazon stock before they became trillion dollar companies?  This is the same opportunity manifesting in a different time.  If you want to stay up to date consider subscribing to the crypto podcast my little brother Ghostfire and I host where we talk about our favorite coin and why we believe in it.  Don’t forget, none of this is financial advice but now that you have the information, will you let this opportunity go to waste?  Start researching and make some life changing decisions.  Hope y’all decide to get as wealthy as I intend to be.



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