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How To Live In Abundance

The key to understanding wealth is that you have to change your relationship with money. Obtaining a level of wealth that you’re satisfied with will be as hard as you think it’s going to be.

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How To Live In Abundance

So you want financial freedom?

If you’ve discovered this page you’re probably looking for a way to better your financial situation!  Good work!  The Smooth Savage’s got some wisdom for you.  This whole blog was founded because I wanted the freedom to travel the world in pursuit of my passion!  I know you don’t need to be rich to win championships but not having to worry about money puts your mind in a better space and the freedom to focus on the things you want to achieve.  And if you’re in a situation similar to mine you might be bound to responsibilities that require you to earn income.  A little more background on my financial journey here if you’re interested.  If not, let’s proceed.

How to do it.

Forbes probably won’t put me in their “30 Under 30” list just yet but my intuition tells me that I’m worthy of a spot.  The key to understanding wealth is that you have to change your relationship with money.  Obtaining a level of wealth that you’re satisfied with will be as hard as you think it’s going to be.  Let me say that again, getting rich is as hard as you think it is.  If you get where I’m coming from you’re probably thinking to yourself “So I just have to think that getting rich is easy, right?”  Well, obviously it’s not that simple or else you wouldn’t be reading an article guiding you on how to live abundantly.  Though that thought pattern constantly floating in your mind will most definitely be a byproduct of implementing the knowledge shared in this article.  Here are the 3 game changing practices that I personally adopted to become more wealthy.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary by personal discipline level)

1.  Identity Shifting :  The key is to shift yourself to an identity that is worthy of financial freedom.  Take a minute to get clear on the type of person your ideal self is, and declare that you are indeed that version of yourself.  It helps to write it down as well.  Some sources may refer to this as using “affirmations” but I prefer the word “declaration” because it holds more power.  As it is stated in the Old Testament, man was created in the image of God, and “In the beginning, God said “I am” which is the declaration of Life.  Now can we interpret and use this clue left by the Prophets and use “I am” to declare ourselves to be whoever we choose to be.  The human awareness is our greatest blessing so why not declare yourself as “happy, healthy, and wealthy”?  And don’t be scared to get specific, there are no limits.  My favorite declarations of wealth are “I am a millionaire” and “I am a highly intelligent investor.”

2.  A Daily Gratitude Practice : “To those who have, more will be given.”  Do you have gratitude in your heart?  Be honest.  Are you the type of person who looks at the glass half full or half empty?  Both types of people can attract abundance but one of the types can do it with less wear and tear on their existences and I’m sure it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one it is.  Be grateful for the things that you already have.  Find a perspective that allows you to be grateful for whatever life presents to you.  Why would you not?  Life is literally gifting you your present reality.  Get it?  Presents?  Gifts?  More please, thank you Source.  A good habit that I’ve gotten my family of four into is going around the dinner table and sharing 3 specific things that happened that day which we are grateful for before we start eating.  I’m sure this is why people say “grace” or “bismillah” before eating but everyone should do what works for them.

3.  Specialized Knowledge : I’m not sure where I heard this quote but it goes something like this, “What you know is directly correlated to your bank account.”  Let’s face it, you can be abundant in literally any aspect but knowing how to navigate the financial landscape is what’s gonna earn you MONEY.  If your goal is to accumulate wealth that you can spend in modern society, invest a lot of time in this area.  Be grateful that we live in the digital age of the internet and realize that there is an abundance of information available to you (see what I did there?).  When I decided to quit my 9 to 5 and go into business for myself I immediately popped open my laptop and got searching.  I highly recommend these amazing websites called Google and Youtube where you can find information on anything (Sorry, I just love throwing in a little sarcasm).  Look up how to invest in the stock market or how to create your own e-commerce store so you can become financially independent.

Once I made these practices part of my daily routine I immediately saw positive changes in my life as a whole, especially my bank account.  Use these practices in tandem with each other and you will have yourself a recipe for financial success.  Shift your identity to a persona that is worthy of true wealth and you will find yourself actively seeking knowledge and being grateful for the things you already have.  You will be presented opportunities that you can take action on and find yourself living your ideal life as your ideal self, the key is to stay aligned with this persona.


Full Transparency with my Readers:  It took me a couple of years to figure all of this out but I’m at the stage where I trade less time for money.  At the time of writing this article I do side gigs for about 18 hours a week and invest most of that money into digital assets and cryptocurrencies.  All my other time is dedicated to honing my Breaking skills, sculpting my physique, and spending time with my family.  They say money can’t buy you happiness but I say earning more of it in shorter intervals of time can help you get there.  And beyond that newfound happiness you’ll find something even more important, you’re gonna find peace.


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