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How To Live In Abundance

The key to understanding wealth is that you have to change your relationship with money. Obtaining a level of wealth that you’re satisfied with will be as hard as you think it’s going to be.

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How To Get SHREDDED (Below 10% Body Fat)


If you’ve landed on this article you’re here for one reason: To get fucking shredded.  The first step to getting shredded is to figure out your “why?”.  Why do you want to get shredded?  Is it to impress the ladies with your physique?  Is it to have a body that everyone at the gym envies?  Is it part of becoming the best version of yourself?  Everyone has a different reason but if you don’t find your “why?” I promise you will never get there.  Goals are never obtained without purpose.


Become hypo-caloric.  The most important thing about staying lean is eating at a caloric deficit.  The only way you will drop body fat is by expending more energy than your body consumes.  Calories In < Calories Out.  So technically, you can eat as much as you want, as long as you can burn it off.  But let’s keep it real:  It’s hella easy to consume 5000 calories in a day, but it can be difficult to burn even an extra 700 calories on top of your Base Metabolic Rate (calories burned during rest).  For example, let’s say your Base Metabolic Rate is 1000 calories and you manage to burn about 500 with exercise, you burn 1500 calories that day.  Sounds pretty good, right?  But then you binge on your go-to foods and consume 5000 calories.  You’re then over 3500 calories which is equivalent to 1 pound of fat.  Think about how much work you have to put in to burn that off!  So the Smooth Savage says : “Eat Less, Train More.


You ever hear the saying “The most dangerous diet is the one you can’t stick to”?  I’m here to confirm that this statement is 100% true.  Whether it be from personal experiences or social proofing we’ve all witnessed that all the popular diets out there work, and they also don’t work.  It honestly just depends on the person.  Not only that, but I believe that we should start relinquishing the term “diet” and just call it “nutrition”.  The word “diet” has become saturated and is often associated with temporary meal plans and has lost its actual meaning.  The word “nutrition” however, gives us a feeling of permanence.  Nutrition is part of our lifestyle.

So what foods should we eat?  As said before, a caloric deficit is what dictates fat loss but the kind of foods we eat dictate our body composition.  “You are what you eat”, right?  So don’t go eating all your favorite trap foods thinking that keeping the calories low will help you lose fat.  100 calories in a baked sweet potato is going to have a different metabolic effect on your body as opposed to 100 calories in a small bag of potato chips.  90-95% of your nutrition should comprise of whole and healthy foods.  The other 5-10% should be foods that feed your soul.  Most of the time these are foods that people generally consider “unhealthy.”  The Urban Ninja lifestyle is all about being as close to perfection as humanly possible… But what’s life if you can’t have a slice of pizza or a burger once in a while?  Happiness and contentment will help you on your journey to becoming a shredded beast.  Hold the fries though.  That’s not gonna help.

The key is to find healthy foods that you enjoy and keep you satiated.  If you don’t know how to start eating healthy, check out my “Ninja Lean Nutrition” guide here!  If you have a good idea as to what foods are best for your body I’ll give you some advice on a good macro-nutrient balance to get and stay shredded:  Keep your fats high to balance out your hormones and maintain a healthy metabolism, proteins moderate for maintaining lean muscle mass, and keep carbs low.  The best time to consume carbs is either right before your workout (for sustained energy), right after your workout (so your muscles can restore depleted glycogen), or for your last meal (to help you sleep).


Do something you love. As a BBoy, I’m all about passion. When you engage in a physical activity that you love to do, you can stay in the game longer and burn more calories.  Play your favorite sports, go for runs, hike, dance, fight, or whatever you like to do, just make sure you go hard.  Putting in maximum effort and conscious intent in every movement will help you mold yourself into a beast.  BUT…

You still have to do conditioning and strength training!  😛  The reason for that is because you need to maximize your lean muscle mass.  Lean muscle is your body’s fat burning machine, and the only way to build and maintain that machine is by properly and consistently training all the muscles in your body.  I highly recommend training your major muscle groups 2-3 times per week with adequate rest in between, that way you give your muscles the rest required to grow, and you can tackle the next session at the top of your game.


The last and most important step in achieving a lean and shredded physique is believing.  You have to trust the process and know that every step you’re taking is the right one, including reading this article!  Your intention brought you here and as long as you continue to dedicate yourself to learning more and pushing forward, you’ll get everything you want, including that picture perfect physique. 


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